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The city of Pisa is associated with the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, but more than that, it possesses countless works with unique Roman

The city of Pisa is associated with the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, but more than that, it possesses countless works with unique Roman-Pisan architecture built in the 12th and 13th centuries. If you are a travel fanatic, you definitely have to come here to visit and admire one of the wonders of the world. Join TBAOINFO to immediately explore Pisa travel experience and famous landmarks of this city in the following article.

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Reasons why you should travel to Pisa Italy

Not only is it an ancient and ancient land, Pisa tourism also attracts tourists for the following reasons:

Countless ancient man-made and natural wonders: Pisa possesses countless famous works and landmarks associated with Italy’s long history. Many of them are recognized as natural wonders of the world such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Campo dei Miracoli complex, Casciana Terme hot springs,…

Food paradise: Pisa’s diverse cuisine, affordable prices, and diverse restaurants make this place a culinary paradise. Coming to Pisa, visitors have many food choices including gelato, Italian pizza, spaghetti, pasta,…

Many cultural activities: Pisa constantly surprises visitors with many interesting festivals, imbued with local culture and history such as the St. Ranieri, Luminara of San Ranieri festival, going to the fruit and vegetable market around Delle Vettovaglie square,…

Diverse resorts: Pisa is also an ideal city for resort tourism with many entertainment activities and high-end resorts such as Marina di Pisa beach, Castiglioncello town,…

Ideal time to travel to Pisa Italy

The best time to fully admire the city of Pisa is usually spring (ranging from March to June) and autumn (from September to November). In spring, the city wakes up after winter, so daily activities become much more vibrant. The cool climate, clear blue sky and plants showing off their vitality create a comfortable atmosphere for visitors to rev up their spirit to explore an ancient, but vibrant Pisa.

In summer, the weather becomes drier and hotter, so many tourists often wait until autumn to visit Pisa. From September to November, the weather in Pisa gradually cools down and begins to get chilly. Trees enter a new phase and change from green to yellow, local activities are somewhat quiet and slow down to prepare for the upcoming winter. Thanks to that, the natural scenery and peaceful atmosphere make Pisa even more poetic for tourists.

Means of transportation when traveling to Pisa

Coming to Pisa, you have many means to choose from to move between famous landmarks such as taxi, bus, walking,…

Taxi: The city owns many taxi companies to help people travel conveniently. Taxi prices are somewhat higher than other forms of transportation but are safe and comfortable. You can catch a bus along the way and the price usually ranges from 11 to 13 Euros (280,000 to 330,000 VND).

Bus: Buses are quite popular in the city and go through many famous places. You can buy tickets at grocery stores near the bus station and use the ticket within 75 minutes. This is a fairly economical form of transportation because the ticket price is about 1.5 Euro (equivalent to 38,000 VND) for the entire trip and is unlimited in number of times within 75 minutes.

Walking: Sightseeing locations in the city are not too far from each other, and there are countless roadside shops so you can take advantage of walking to easily stop at places of interest.

Accommodation location in Pisa city

Most tourists often choose to visit Pisa in one day. But if you want to stay in this city to explore for a long time, you can choose a few accommodation facilities in Pisa such as:

Grand Hotel Duomo: Located near Duomo Square and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, there are many restaurants and bars around so you can admire the Pisa Tower from many angles. Lowest room price from 1,800,000 VND/night.
Hotel Pisa Tower: Only 50m from the leaning tower, comfortable rooms and services are rated well. Room price from 1,900,000 VND/night.
B&B Hotel Pisa: The hotel is located near the international airport, with fully equipped rooms and good service. Lowest room price from 1,200,000 VND/night.

Top 10 famous tourist destinations in Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Pisa Tower was built in 1173, is a long-standing bell tower associated with many historical milestones of Italy in particular and the world in general. The tower is considered a symbol of Italy and was honored to be recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. The Leaning Tower of Pisa has interesting features that you cannot find in other buildings such as:

The tower can change its tilt over time, with the most clearly recorded data in 1173 (0.2 degrees), 1990 (5.5 degrees), 2001 (3.9 degrees).
The name of scientist Galileo Galilei is closely associated with the tower because he chose this place to conduct his famous experiment with two iron balls. Thanks to that, he discovered the “Law of Free Fall” that is commonly applied today.

The tower is 55.86m high and has more than 294 steps so visitors can get inside the tower, explore the unique architecture and admire the beautiful scenery surrounding this historical site. The special thing is that the tower has a tilt of 3.97 degrees compared to the ground but is still solid and lasting over time. This is also a unique and rare image that makes the tower attract millions of visitors every year. year.

Pisa Cathedral

Pisa Cathedral is Italy’s sacred religious architecture, located in the middle of Miracoli Square with impressive Romanesque architecture. The cathedral and the leaning tower are a pair of landmarks that cannot be missed when traveling to Pisa, Italy. You can walk around the campus to feel the huge scale of an ancient building and learn about the architecture and ancient stories surrounding this place.

You will not be surprised when you step into the cathedral, where the sturdy bronze door of San Ranieri with hundreds of years of history always welcomes visitors. Inside, the architecture exudes luxury with marble floors and ancient sculptures in the Medieval and Renaissance styles.

Church of Santa Maria della Spina

Santa Maria della Spina Church is likened to a small gem located on the banks of the peaceful Arno River. This is also one of the ancient buildings built in the 13th century, so the church always has a delicate and perfect beauty. Architecturally, the church is designed in Gothic style, decorated with a white marble facade. With shiny stone and high light reflection, Santa Maria della Spina becomes sparkling and stands out under the sunlight during the day and the city lights at night.

Seen from a distance, the church highlights the shape of a luxurious crown. The location of Santa Maria della Spina hugs a corner of the Arno River. Therefore, many tourists from all over come to the church, not only to pray, but also to admire the ancient masterpiece and take many beautiful photos of a peaceful corner of Pisa.

Saint John’s Baptistery in Pisa

St. John’s Baptismal Chapel is one of the special religious sites in Pisa, and is also the largest baptismal site in Italy. The building is classified as a national historical site, built in 1152 and built for 200 years. According to archaeologists, St. John’s Chapel was forced to stop construction many times due to the impact of the Medieval Wars, so the building’s architecture is somewhat a mixture of Romanesque and Gothic styles.

The building has a giant dome with a diameter of 35m, 4 gates outside the building are elaborately carved. In addition, the interior is also beautifully designed and decorated with very good lighting and sound effects. Perhaps that is why this place is often chosen as a hall for concerts throughout the year. Tourists often choose this place for pilgrimages, religious tours and to admire the medieval beauty of the building.

Orto Garden e Museo Botanico

This is an ancient garden that has existed since the 1500s, founded by a world-famous botanist named Luca Ghini. For the purpose of research and discovery, the garden possesses many diverse plant ecosystems, in addition to many areas for visitors to explore and learn about such as gardens, ponds, greenhouses,… This is one of the first gardens in Europe specializing in the study of plants.

Pisan Hill

Pisan Hill is one of the tourist destinations in Pisa that you should not miss. If you are a wine lover, then you will definitely enjoy going to this place. The road to the hill passes through countless famous Tuscany wine producers. You can easily see vast grape fields and thousands of large plots of land. Most tourists often rent motorbikes or bicycles to fully explore the beauty of Pisan Hill.

Knight Square

Knight Square or Knight Square is located in the center and is an attractive destination of Pisa city. Knight was built in the Renaissance style, with open space so it can be used for many tourism purposes. Therefore, this place is surrounded by many hotels and restaurants so visitors can rest and relax. In particular, the front of the square is home to famous works such as the Santo Stefano dei CAvalieri church, Palace of the Clock and Palazzo della Carovana, attracting many tourists to explore.

Sinopie Museum

Sinopie Museum is a place that helps you get a different view of the past of the city of Pisa. In particular, this place possesses frescoes using the technique of painting on lime plaster to tell the story of the past. This technique was widely used in ancient Europe and Central Asia with many unique works of art.

Visitors to Sinopie can admire and explore Pisa’s historical events vividly through drawings on stone walls made by the best Italian artists of that time. In addition, the museum also preserves many other images on historical topics and people’s lives during the Renaissance. The paintings are painted on rare plaster walls, so this is considered the pride of Sinopie.

Marina di Pisa beach

The famous Marina di Pisa beach attracts many tourists every year thanks to its fresh ocean climate, calm sea currents and attractive scenery. In particular, the beach area is equipped with thoughtful, modern accommodation and tourist services,… especially suitable for many families and young children.

Stretching along the coast is a pine forest and many small bushes. The beach is divided into a gravel area for camping and parties and a white sand area for relaxation. Many marine sports activities in the spring and summer such as swimming, windsurfing, diving, canoeing, etc. attract many young tourists to experience. On weekday evenings or holidays, the beach is vibrant with parties or outdoor bars for visitors to have more memorable experiences with Pisa.

San Rossore Park

The park was established in 1979, covering an area of about 24,000 hectares running along the coast from Viareggio to Livorno. Thanks to its large area and pristine natural scenery in the heart of a bustling, strongly urbanized city, this place has become an ideal destination for many tourists and local people. You can take time to rest, admire many typical flora and fauna species of the region and enjoy the fresh air of the Mediterranean land.

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