The terraced fields in Sapa Vietnam  become sparkling

Many people come to Sapa Vietnam in the Spring and then come back the following year, perhaps they remember... every corner of the forest, every branch of grass,

Many people come to Sapa Vietnam in the Spring and then come back the following year, perhaps they remember… every corner of the forest, every branch of grass, every small corner, remember the morning sunlight and the late afternoon sunset. disappearing behind the forests and mountain tops, remembering the innocent and optimistic eyes of the highland children and finding the promised land again. When coming to Sapa during the ripe rice season, visitors will have the opportunity to admire a shiny golden backdrop of ripe rice fields on terraced fields.

If you miss your appointment, it’s okay, each season Sapa has a very unique beauty. When the weather turns to Spring, Sapa attracts everyone with the color of soft soil, of young rice fields full of vitality under the color Water, cool your eyes. The vast rice fields carry the beauty of a pure, gentle young woman, and when the sun rises, that ethnic minority woman becomes sparkling, sparkling, and somewhat elegant, attracting people. Can’t take my eyes off. The afternoon sunlight is like a spotlight, making the girl stand out and sparkle radiantly!

The terraced fields in Sapa Vietnam

The terraced fields in Sapa Vietnam become more sparkling than ever when adorned with the color of the water and the sunlight shining on the water on the field will create an unprecedentedly beautiful natural color! Because the rainy season is when people bring water to the fields. The terraced fields create very unique lines, under the morning sunlight they become even more sparkling like pearls. Terraced fields are considered works of art and the artisans are honest farmers who create a picture covered with the green color of young rice seedlings and the silver light of indescribably beautiful water. That’s why many domestic and foreign photographers come to take these unique photos. Try coming here, I guarantee you will constantly admire the wonderful picture of this place.

Perhaps you have to admit to us that nature is so kind to Vietnam, giving the Northwest land a beauty that people don’t need to drink to still get drunk! While you are still wondering whether you should go with your loved ones to the beautiful spring scenery of Sapa Vietnam this Tet, someone else has already come and fallen in love with Sapa! Remember, the season of falling water will make you tremble with a different feeling, the season of ripe rice brings an even more strange color of love. Love has many colors, so does love for nature, sometimes gentle and romantic, sometimes intense and crazy! Sapa in spring is so charming for those who come to it even once.

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