Charming Tay ethnic women

Like other ethnic minority communities, the Tay people in Nghia Do (Bao Yen district) near Sapa Vietnam have many cultural features, creating their own identity, in which it is impossible not to mention the beauty of the tribes. traditional womenswear.

Wishing to preserve and promote the rich cultural values of their nation, over time, the Tay community in Nghia Do near Sapa Vietnam has come together to preserve the traditional beauty in festivals and daily activities. In particular, Tay women have maintained traditional costumes, creating a cultural color, both honoring the traditional beauty and promoting the value of cultural heritage, promoting the development of community tourism in the locality. direction.

In the traditional costume of Tay women in Nghia Do near Sapa Vietnam, there is a simple but colorful ba ba shirt that also creates its own beauty. Tay girls still wear traditional costumes and are proud of their national cultural identity. Tay ethnic women always maintain their traditional costumes in their hometown festival. The beauty of Tay women in daily life in each family is enhanced by the beauty of traditional costumes. The Tay people in Nghia Do still uphold the tradition of growing cotton, weaving fabrics, and sewing clothes for their family members

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