Picking all kinds of fruits on Si Ma Cai summer days

Around June, July, pears, plums and peaches of Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam begin to ripen. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to come to Si Ma Cai on this occasion, you will be full of stomach and eyes. The peaches, pears, and plums of Si Ma Cai are ripe and beautiful. Each fruit is round and succulent. Especially in Si Ma Cai, there are two extremely famous types of pears, Tai Nung and VH6. The pear trees this season are full of branches.

The best thing is that you can walk by yourself in the gardens of the indigenous people of Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam. Just buy an extremely cheap entrance ticket, you will have the opportunity to pick up your bags during the tour. Some gardens do not even charge an entrance fee, but only charge according to the amount of pears you want to pick and bring home.

If you have good physical strength, you can visit the landmark Si Ma Cai 171. This place has a clear stream flowing smoothly. In addition, you can also try hunting for clouds. However, the mountains and hills in Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam are relatively difficult to climb, so you need to ask locals who know the way to support.


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