The elaboration of baking cakes in Tho Ha village

The batches of yellow rice paper, crispy when eaten, have the aroma of sesame, peanuts, and the fat of grated coconut very harmonious and full of flavor that has made the reputation of Tho Ha ancient village for a long time.

The ingredients include plain rice, flour, white sesame, peanuts, coconut, sugar and a little spice, but each house has its own recipe. Right from the stage of choosing raw materials, Tho Ha ancient village people have been very careful, that is, plain rice must be delicious, white sesame must be treated carefully, peanuts must have seeds, grated coconut must also be old coconut, thick pulp …

First, people soak the rice for 1-2 hours to drain the water, then pour it into the mill, grind and pour the water, so that the water is just right, neither dilute nor too thick. Then filter the powder with a cloth. Before coating, people melt sugar and mix well with flour. Other ingredients are preliminarily processed as follows: Sesame is soaked, peeled; Thinly sliced ​​peanuts then peel off the shell; Long, thin grated coconut. Finally, the cake coating stage.

Fill the pot with clean water about 2/3 of its capacity. When cooking, the fire must remain stable throughout the process of coating the cake. When the water boils, place the mold on the mouth of the pot, scoop out a ladle of flour and pour it over the mold, using the ladle to spread it evenly on the surface of the mold. For ordinary rice paper, it only needs to be coated once, but for the first time, sprinkle sesame, peanuts and coconut on the surface of the cake. Then continue to scoop another ladle of flour and pour it over the filling, cover the lid for about 1-2 minutes, open the lid, at this time the cake is cooked, use a bamboo tube to take out the cake and spread it on the bamboo tray.

If the people of the Banh Da Ke village give cold rice and sweet potatoes, the Tho Ha ancient village people add a little flour to make the cake crispy, combined with sesame, peanuts, and coconut to make the cake delicious and attractive. After drying, the cake is stored in the cot in each stack.

The people who make rice paper here do not have to sell it, but everyone comes to pick it up at home. Tho Ha ancient village has followed traders to many provinces such as Hanoi, Quang Ninh, Bac Ninh, as a gift from the poetic Cau riverside village.

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